San Jacinto County Churches

The below list is only a partial listing of San Jacinto County Churches. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a church not listed, please send us the name and location so that we may add it here.

Feature Name        Latitude Longitude 
------------------- -------- --------- ---------------
Bear Creek Baptist Church	       Bear Creek**
Big Creek           302924N  0950422W  Westcott           
 Missionary Church
Big Creek           302925N  0950419W  Westcott           
 Missionary Church
Calvary Church      302728N  0945804W  Rayburn            
Center Hill Church  304431N  0951811W  Oakhurst           
China Grove Church  302543N  0951842W  Conroe NE          
County Line Church  302550N  0951928W  Conroe NE          
Darby Hill Church   304558N  0951045W  Carlisle           
Enterprise Church   304455N  0951843W  Oakhurst           
Farley Chapel       302926N  0950308W  Westcott           
Farley Chapel       302925N  0950312W  Westcott           
Hoby Church         304113N  0951732W  Oakhurst           
Hopewell Church     304437N  0951633W  Oakhurst           
Lake Pool Church    303145N  0945804W  Goodrich           
Laurel Hill Church  303558N  0951244W  Coldspring         
Magnolia Church     302911N  0951049W  Everitt Community**         
Magnolia Grove      302918N  0945736W  Rayburn            
Maple Hill Church   304024N  0951801W  Oakhurst           
Montague Church     302337N  0950931W  Bear Creek         
Mount Mariah        303221N  0951351W  Coldspring         
Mount Moriah        303252N  0945257W  Goodrich           
Mount Pilgrim       303113N  0951930W  Maynard            
New Hope Church     302314N  0950607W  Westcott           
New Hope Church     303509N  0951841W  Maynard            
New Hope Church     302315N  0950609W  Westcott           
Old Waverly Church  303200N  0952104W  Maynard            
Paul Horton         304249N  0951058W  Stephen Creek      
 Memorial Church
Paul Horton         304248N  0951058W  Stephen Creek      
 Memorial Church
Pine Grove          303127N  0951939W  Maynard            
 Missionary Church
Pine Valley Church  304606N  0951044W  Carlisle           
Pine Valley Church  303534N  0951926W  Maynard            
Pleasant Grove      302705N  0951029W  Bear Creek         
Pleasant Grove      303249N  0951708W  Maynard            
Pleasant Grove      303244N  0951656W  Maynard            
 Missionary Church
Salem Church        302904N  0951732W  Conroe NE          
Shepherd Church of Christ*
Shepherd First Baptist Church*
Shepherd Methodist Church*
Shepherd Pentacostal Church*
Snow Hill Church    304334N  0951243W  Stephen Creek      
Snow Hill Church    304333N  0951243W  Stephen Creek      
Spring Hill Church  303353N  0951248W  Coldspring         
Spring Ridge        303430N  0950252W  Camilla            
Sweet Home Church   303727N  0950609W  Camilla            
White Hill          304441N  0951844W  Oakhurst           
 Missionary Church

* Submitted by John Beeson
** Information submitted by Dan Franklin

The above list was downloaded from the GNIS On-line Data Base, with the exception of any additions we have made (additions noted with an asterik). If you know of any additions, please send them to us with as much detail as you can (like directions, etc). You can use the GNIS Online Data Base to generate your own list. (Use "Back" button on your Web Browser to return to the SAN JACINTO COUNTY, TXGenWeb page.)

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